Fast Link
Kit idraulici


Fast link system for combined fireplaces: The FAST LINK series hydraulic connection and heat exchange system stems from the need to simplify the installation of CTM-branded solid biomass fireplace stoves (wood, wood pellets, wood chips, hazelnut shells, almond shells, hazelnut of pomace, etc ..) with open vessel circuit.

Easy to install, compact, the FAST LINK device is made, tested and packed directly by Costruzioni Tecniche Meccaniche S.r.l. and supplied with the electronic thermoregulator SYS 100 / SYS 250 (the SYS 250 thermoregulator is supplied), programmed in the factory with the software dedicated to the complete and correct hydraulic and electrical management.

The FAST LINK system can be set up on all the fireplaces (it is only available on the right side of the boiler) of the CTM range, simplifying the hydraulic connection operations and guaranteeing the best efficiency of the fireplace stove and the perfect integration of the latter with additional generators of heat, whether they are fed with solid biomass or fuels of fossil origin, insistent on the same central heating system.

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