A story that has lasted for years

A story that has lasted for years...

The Costruzioni Tecniche Meccaniche S.r.l. it carries out its manufacturing activity in San Salvatore Telesino, in the province of Benevento, in a modern industrial complex that covers an area of ​​approximately 20,000 square meters.

The awareness that the manufacture of quality products requires adequate technological equipment has led the company towards an innovative production layout, a mix of equipment for craftsmanship and modern machinery for automated mass production. In addition, the complex is equipped with Research & Development laboratories, set up with cutting-edge equipment for design, technical analysis, prototype development, efficiency / quality control, combustion analysis, and measurement of atmospheric emissions.

Through acquired experience, passion and creativity, Costruzioni Tecniche Meccaniche S.r.l. denotes a constantly evolving company profile.
A dynamic, efficient, meticulous and meticulous reality both in the design phase and in the realization phase, able to establish itself on the market with high quality products, able to guarantee maximum yields, increasingly reduced atmospheric emissions, stringent compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation, innovative solutions in combustion technology and design.

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The Stars: guarantee of environmental quality