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New wood / pellet fireplaces: CTM redouble

Dual power

Fireplaces powered by both wood and pellets. Automatic cyclical switching from Wood to Pellet

Double combustion air inlet

Separation and independent management of the Primary and Secondary air inlet channels

Cleaner and more efficient combustion

Double automatic combustion controle

Automatic management of both wood and pellet combustion with EcoSTAR and SYS250 thermoregulators

Highest yields in the sector

Consumption and atmospheric emissions reduced

Double power motor

Separation and independent management of the pellet feed channels

Automatic switching on and off guaranteed and in perfect safety

Double safety device

Fire dampers operated by servomotor and rotary gate dispenser

No possibility of backfire and self-ignition of the tank

Double Certification

Certificazione di Conformità rilasciata da Istituto Notificato di fama europea sia per il funzionamento a Legna che per il funzionamento a Pellet

Thermoregulator SYS 250

Advantages and main techno-constricting characteristics:

- Yield and emission levels compliant with CLASS 5, such as to allow the use of all tax concessions (IRPEF DEDUCTION 50%) or capital contributions (CONTO TERMICO ENERGIA) currently envisaged.
- Maximum versatility thanks to the ability of the combined CTM system to continuously interchange the combustion of wood and wood pellets in a fully automatic way
- Accensione automatica e programmabile.
- Automatic switching from manual feeding mode (combustion of wood) to automatic feeding mode (combustion of wood pellets).
- Automatic and programmable start-up of the automatic feeding mode (combustion of wood pellets) when the wood load is exhausted;
- Possibility of remote control and management of the system via the Internet or CTMApp
- Automatic control of the biomass fuel level inside the tank.
- Fully automatic combustion control and management.
- Maximum operational safety and no risk of backfire, thanks to the special safety devices mounted on the burner.
- Long product life thanks to the steel boiler body with double water cavity, welded with a robotic cycle.
- Maximum efficiency in the sector thanks to the total control of the combustion air flows and the exclusive geometry of the exchangers and the boiler body.
- Modularity and flexibility of installation thanks to the provision for housing the burner and the fuel tank in a lateral position (right and left).
- Fireplace available with integrated production of domestic hot water, with double outlet for internal / external combustion air supply, with adjustable primary combustion air, with glass cleaning air, with secondary post-combustion air, with hermetic seal, with removable ash drawer, with flat door with single leaf with flag opening and screen-printed glass.
- Cost-effective management, energy savings and respect for the environment thanks to the use of renewable energy deriving from easily available natural fuels.
- 5-year guarantee on the boiler body and 2 years on electronic components, in addition to an ancillary insurance policy covering any damage to third parties and / or things caused by manufacturing defects (consult the specifications, conditions and provisions contained in the internal warranty certificate delivered with each individual product).

Technical datasheets table
Technical datasheets Unit    
Fuel - Wood Pellets
European Standard - EN 13229 EN 14785
Energy Class Reg. EU 2015/1186 - A+ A+
Ecodesign EU Reg. 2015/1186 - SI SI
Environmental class - ★★★★ ★★★★
Nominal thermal power kW 19,3 10-22,2
Power supplied to water min./max. kW 13,0 6,1-14,7
Power output to the environment min./max kW 6,3 3,9-7,5
Efficiency min max % 87,5% 91,9%-90,8%
Integrated ACS / heatsink production - SI SI
Heatable surface* mq 170 190

* The data are to be considered indicative, calculated on an energy demand equal to 80W / sqm;
variations, even significant ones, can be found in the presence of different energy requirements, due to the specific technical and construction characteristics of the building envelope and the winter air-conditioning system.

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