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Minerva AIR
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Minerva AIR
Pellet stoves
Minerva AIR

Ventilated air pellet stove, also ducted, with a refined, modern and essential design, ideal for local heating of small and medium-sized rooms. Excellent combustion, advanced technology and remote control from CTMApp.

- Yields and emission levels such as to allow the use of all tax concessions (IRPEF DEDUCTION 50%), or capital contributions (ACCOUNT TERMICO ENERGIA 2.0) currently envisaged.

- Combustion chamber made entirely of high-density refractory material, to raise combustion temperatures and improve energy efficiency.

- Quick ignitions, thanks to the high temperature ignition system.

- Automatic and programmable ignition..

- Integrated electronically controlled fan, for the uniform diffusion of hot air in the room.

- Optional air ducting (12C version), served by electronically controlled auxiliary fans, to convey heat to separate rooms.

- Remote control and management of the stove through the Wifi Modem and the CTMApp (optional).

- Fully automatic control and management of combustion thanks to the latest generation electronic thermoregulator

- Long product life thanks to the boiler body in mm. 5, welded with robotic cycle.

- Simple and thinned periodic cleaning interventions, thanks to the vertical smoke passes, which allow the deposit of 95% of the unburnt materials in the appropriate front and lower ash compartments, freeing the user from annoying and frequent maintenance interventions of the exchangers.

- Economical management, energy saving and respect for the environment thanks to the use of renewable energy deriving from an easily available natural fuel.

Technical datasheets table
Technical datasheets Unit MINERVA AIR 10 MINERVA AIR 12 MINERVA AIR 12C
European Standard - EN 14785 EN 14785 EN 14785
Energy Class Reg. EU 2015/1186 - A++ A++ A++
Ecodesign EU Reg. 2015/1186 - SI SI SI
Environmental class - ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Fuel - Pellets Pellets Pellets
Nominal thermal power kW 2,5 - 9,3 2,5 - 10,9 2,5 - 10,9
Heatable surface * mq 100 120 120

* The data are to be considered indicative, calculated on an energy demand equal to 80W / sqm;
variations, even significant ones, can be found in the presence of different energy requirements, due to the specific technical and construction characteristics of the building envelope and the winter air-conditioning system.

** Data declared by the Manufacturer.


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