Wood-burning fireplaces
flag door with hermetic closure
Unique with wood efficiency 87,5%
Wood-burning fireplaces
retractable door with hermetic closure
Unique with wood efficiency 87,5%
Wood-burning fireplaces
The details that make the difference

DELUXE, the fireplace stove with modern and essential lines, equipped with a hermetic combustion chamber made entirely of high-density refractory material, is a high-efficiency heat generator equipped with an innovative content control and management system for the combustion air technological, even fully automated (with optional EcoSTAR electronic controller).


- Efficiency equal to 87.5%;

- Double socket for combustion air supply;

- EcoAIR system, with perfect management of incoming air to three independent channels (starter air - secondary air - primary air and glass cleaning);

- EcoSTAR electronic thermoregulator (optional), able to manage the combustion air flows according to specific algorithms, capable of optimizing combustion in every situation and guaranteeing lower consumption and less fuel consumption, through a fully automatic modulating valve. emissions at every stage of work;

- Certifications in compliance with the strictest European regulations, such as the German BLMSCHV II, the Austrian 15 aB-VG, the Swiss VKF.

- Flag holder with hermetic closure

The sealed locks and the innovative geometry of the portal guarantee the silence and precision of the flag door. The resistant gaskets applied along the perimeter of the combustion chamber complete the work, making DELUXE a totally hermetic closed fireplace, an essential factor for the complete and effective operation of the EcoAir system.

Technical data table
Energy Class Reg. EU 2015/1186 - A+
Ecodesign EU Reg. 2015/1186 - SI
Environmental class - ★★★★
Fuel - Wood
Construction Standard - EN 13229
Overall power output kW 19,3
Power delivered to water kW 13
Power delivered to the environment kW 6,3
Yield % 87,5
Heatable surface * mq 170
Integrated ACS / heatsink production - SI

* The data are to be considered indicative, calculated on an energy demand equal to 80W / sqm;
variations, even significant ones, can be found in the presence of different energy requirements, due to the specific technical and construction characteristics of the building envelope and the winter air-conditioning system.

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