Basic Plus Combi
Basic Plus Combi
Basic Plus Combi
The details that make the difference

Multi-fuel wood-burning and solid biomass fireplace in granular format
The BASIC PLUS COMBI fireplace stove is built for the use of wood and solid biomass in granular format as heating fuels.

Advantages and main technical-construction features:

- Maximum versatility thanks to the ability of the CTM poly-fuel burner to use solid biomass in granular form of various nature as well as the possibility of using wood and other solid biomass in medium size

- Maximum operational safety and no risk of backfiring, thanks to the special safety devices fitted on the CTM poly-fuel burner

- Long product life and high heat exchange thanks to the steel boiler body with double water cavity, welded with a robotized cycle

- Modularity and flexibility of installation thanks to the predisposition for housing the burner and the fuel tank in a free position with the possibility of 180° rotation around the boiler body and the possibility of using variable-length burners capable of allowing the crossing of walls and cavities also of high thickness.

- Thermo fireplace available with and without integrated domestic hot water production, with socket for internal / external comburent air supply, with adjustable primary combustion air, with glass cleaning air, with hermetically sealed combustion chamber, with ash drawer removable, with vertical retractable flat door.

- Chrome finishes.

- Cost-effective management, energy savings and respect for the environment thanks to the use of renewable energy deriving from easily available natural fuels.

- 5-year guarantee on the boiler body and 2 years on electronic components, in addition to an ancillary insurance policy covering any damage to third parties and / or things caused by manufacturing defects (consult the specifications, conditions and provisions contained in the internal warranty certificate delivered with each individual product).

SYS 250 thermoregulator

Functions and utilities

- Automatic and programmable ignition

- Automatic switching from manual feeding mode (combustion of wood) to automatic feeding mode (biomass combustion in granular format).

- Automatic and programmable start-up of the automatic feeding mode (combustion of biomass in granular format) once the wood load has been used up;

- Possibility of remote control and management of the system through the Internet or GSM network.

- Automatic control of the biomass fuel level inside the tank.

- Fully automatic combustion control and management thanks to the dedicated electronic control unit which, in addition to allowing complete and integrated management of the KIDRO range, includes the control of one or more circulators and other optional equipment (motorized valves, thermostats, switches); equipped with special sensors and programmed to allow real-time adjustment of combustion air and fuel supply according to the set objective / function (max. water temperature in the boiler, minimum fuel consumption) and the work program inserted, it guarantees the maximum efficiency of the system and the optimization of consumption and atmospheric emissions.

Technical data table
Technical data Unità    
Fuel - Wood Granular **
Construction Standard - EN 13229 EN 14785
Energy Class Reg. EU 2015/1186 - A A
Ecodesign EU Reg. 2015/1186 - NO NO
Environmental class -
Nominal flow rate min. max kW n.d.-19,55 6,70-23,20
Water heat output made in water min. max kW n.d.-12,10 4,50-18,10
Power delivered to the environment kW n.d.-7,45 2,20-5,10
Integrated ACS / heatsink production - SI SI
Heatable surface * mq 160 230

* The data are to be considered indicative, calculated on an energy demand equal to 80W / sqm;
variations, even significant ones, can be found in the presence of different energy requirements, due to the specific technical and construction characteristics of the building envelope and the winter air-conditioning system.

** The data refer to the use of wood pellets certified DIN Plus class A1 / A2 and / or combustible biomass, in compliance with DL 152/2006 (Part V, Annex X, part II, section 4, no. 1) , having equivalent calorific value

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