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Pellet boilers


The details that make the difference



Boiler powered by wood pellets



The KOMPAKTA boiler is built to use wood pellets as heating fuel.

- Conforms to 2.0 HEATING ACCOUNT (fuel: certified wood pellets).


- Conforms to CLASS 5 (fuel: certified wood pellets).

- Environmental classification: 3 Stars (combustion; Certified wood pellets).

- Energy Class: A +

- Conforms to the ECODESIGN standard.

- Large standard equipment: electronic circulator, anti-flood valve, safety valve, pressure sensor, differential pressure switch, expansion vessel.

- Automatic and programmable ignition.

- Possibility of remote control and management of the system via the Internet.

- Automatic control of the pellet level inside the tank.

- Fully automatic combustion control and management thanks to the dedicated electronic control unit which, in addition to allowing the complete and integrated management of the KIDRO range, includes the control of one or more circulators and other optional devices (motorized valves, Puffer, DHW boiler, remote control panels, WiFi modem); equipped with special sensors and programmed to allow real-time adjustment of combustion air and fuel supply according to the set objective / function (max. water temperature in the boiler, minimum fuel consumption) and the work program inserted, it guarantees the maximum efficiency of the system and the optimization of consumption and atmospheric emissions.

- Maximum operational safety and no risk of backfiring, thanks to the special safety devices fitted on the CTM poly-fuel burner.

- Long product life thanks to the pickled steel boiler body of mm. 5, welded with a robotized cycle.

- Modularity and flexibility of automatic feeding of pellets from a remote tank thanks to the provision for housing PELLETMATIC and ASPIROMATIC devices (optional).

- Cost-effective management, energy savings and respect for the environment thanks to the use of renewable energy deriving from easily available natural fuels.

- 5-year guarantee on the boiler body and 2 years on electronic components, as well as an additional insurance policy to cover possible damage to third parties and / or things caused by manufacturing defects (consult the specifications, conditions and instructions contained in of the Warranty Certificate delivered with each individual product)


Technical data table
Technical data U.mis. KOMPAKTA 14 KOMPAKTA 18 KOMPAKTA 21
Constructive standard - EN303-5/2012 EN303-5/2012 EN303-5/2012
Boiler class - 5 5 5
Energy Class Reg. EU 2015/1186 - A+ A+ A+
Ecodesign EU Reg. 2015/1186 - SI SI SI
Environmental class - ★★★ ★★★ ★★★
Fuel - Pellet Pellet Pellet
Minimum nominal thermal power kW 4,4-14,7 5,2-18 6,2-21
Performance at min-nom power % 88,6-90,1 88,5-90,1 88,5-90,1
Maximum heated surface ** mq 180 225 260


* Sampled at a temperature between 20 and 50 degrees centigrade, referred to the dry gas, and to a volumetric concentration of 02 remaining equal to 13%.

** The data are to be considered indicative, calculated on an energy demand equal to 80W / sqm; variations, even significant ones, can be found in the presence of different energy requirements, due to the specific technical and construction characteristics of the building envelope and the winter air-conditioning system.



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