Koperniko Plus
Pellet boiler
Koperniko Plus
Pellet boiler
Koperniko Plus
Pellet boiler

Wood pellet-fired boiler for centralized heating of medium and large rooms.

- Yields and emission levels compliant with ECOBONUS (personal income tax deduction 50%) and with THERMAL ENERGY ACCOUNT 2.0.

- Compliant with CLASS 5.

- Environmental class 4 STARS.

- Energy class A +.

- Compliant with ECODESIGN standard.

- Anti-condensation mixing valve.

- Integrated hydraulic system including circulation pump, safety valve, pressure transducer, expansion tank.

- Excellent combustion.

- Large standard equipment.

- Automatic and programmable ignition.

- Automatic control of the level of pellets in the tank.

- Fully automatic combustion control and management.

- Maximum operating safety and no backfire risk.

- Long product life.

- Economical management, energy saving and respect for the environment.

- Touch screen display.

- Remote control with dedicated App.

Construction standard - EN 303-5/2012 EN 303-5/2012
Boiler class - 5 5
Energy rating Reg. EU 2015/1187 - A+ A+
Ecodesign Reg. EU 2015/1185 - SI SI
Environmental classification D.M. 186/2017 - ★★★★ ★★★★
Fuel - Pellets Pellets
Nominal power kW 20,10 28,0
Minimum power kW 5,6 8,4
Yield min./max. % 95,4-91,5 91,2-91,3
Maximum heatable area * mq 260 360

* The data are to be considered indicative, calculated on an energy requirement equal to 80W / sqm;
variations, even significant ones, can be found in the presence of different energy needs, due to the specific technical-constructive characteristics of the building envelope and the winter air conditioning system.

** Sampled at a temperature between 20 and 50 degrees contigrade referred to the dry gas, and at a volumetric concentration of residual O2 equal to 13%.

*** Data declared by the Manufacturer.

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